Our specialties include empanadas, tamales, and crepes.

  • Empanadas /em·pəˈ·nä·dəs/
    Empanadas Argentinas
    Empanadas Argentinas
    Originally from Spain and Portugal, empanadas were introduced to Latin America and the Philippines by Spanish conquistadors. Our empanadas are stuffed pastry stuffed with:

    • organic beef
    • organic chicken
    • cheese-tomato-basil
    • corn
    • eggplant (vegan)
    • spinach 
  • Tamales  /tə·ˈmä·lēs/
    Chicken Tamal
    Chicken Tamal
    Traditional Latin Americandish made of masa (corn-based dough), which is steamed or boiled in a corn leaf wrapper. The wrapping is discarded before eating. Our tamales are filled with:

    • pork
    • organic chicken
    • cheese
    • mushrooms
  • Crêpes  /’kreps/
    La Pesto Crêpe
    Crêpes originated in Britany, a province in the northwest of France.  They are considered a national dish in France but their richness in taste and variety of fillings made them famous around the world.  We serve crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!

    • La Campagnarde
    • La Novergienne
    • La Pestou
    • La Normandie
    • La Forestiere
    • La Ratatouille
    • La Simplette
    • La Scandinave